Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Insurance Survey of 1976 Westerly Berwick

Our lousy Sussex weather held off long enough for me to undertake this recent Insurance Survey at the Littlehampton Harbour Masters' workshops, just next to the River Arun and opposite Littlehampton Marina.
The Westerly Berwick was designed by Laurent Giles. These aft-cockpit, bilge keel sloops were built between 1973 and 1980.

Yacht survey, Westerly Berwick in Littlehampton
Marine Survey of a Westerly Berwick in Littlehampton, West Sussex
This particular Berwick was made in 1976 and was powered by a relatively new Perkins KD28 diesel engine. Her hull was in reasonable condition, although the hand-painted topsides were rather faded. She didn't have too many defects that would cause her owner too much labour before her Spring launch. The most was significant is shown in the photograph below, which shows some of the cracks in the fore-stay chain plate. There were a number of well developed cracks on the two vertical plates that support the bow roller. The image shows the two cracks on the port side plate. This plate also supports the fore-stay; therefore the security of the entire rig depends on the strength and integrity of this plate. In consideration of the fact that cracks have occurred in similar locations on each of the vertical plates, it is likely that these cracks are predominantly due to cyclical loading from the vessel’s mooring chain when she is on her summer mooring. The cracks on the port side plate (the one in the photo) may also be due to cyclical athwartships loading from the jib when she is sailing.

The recommendation to the owner was that the bow roller fabrication is repaired in order to return strength to the two plates. This repair should include the welding of doubler plates on each of the existing vertical plates.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Pre-purchase Marine Survey of Fisher 34 at Birdham Pool Marina

A few days ago I had the pleasure of performing a marine survey on a very well maintained Fisher 34, Mark III - a masthead rigged motor sailing yacht with integrally moulded full-length keel. She was built by Northshore Yachts in 1999.

I usually find that boats made as recently as this are often very light in construction, but not so with a Fisher. These days the Fisher boats are made to order and my guess is that in order to make a boat to this high standard and with such a sturdily built hull, Northshore Yachts have to charge a premium. This makes them less competitive with the lighter motor sailers on the market and are therefore made to order.

Fisher 34 Mk III at Birdham Pool Marina

The new owners seem to be very happy with her. I'll look out for this boat when I'm down at Ramsgate Marina, her new home.